An area rug is often used to add a special element to any hard surface such as hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl plank or laminate. This is why area rugs are becoming so popular. You might be wondering… Why should we cover up our beautiful floors with a rug? Here are a few reasons…

One obvious reason is that area rugs bring together the design elements of a room. They bring together the colors used in your homes décor. You may also find that the benefits go further than style alone. Let’s take a look at some of the ways.

Reducing Noise.

Just as a wall-to-wall carpet will reduce the noise of family activities. An area rug will significantly decrease the noise. A carpet is quieter to walk on and reduces the reverberation of noise in a room by absorbing that noise. You will easily hear the difference.

Increase Your Comfort.

With its added softness, comes added comfort. Since it is softer to the touch, it is much more comfortable to lie on while watching TV or while engaged in other floor level activities. It is also easier on your feet and body as it takes the pressure off of every step.

Add Warmth.

Walking out in the morning, with bare feet, on a tile floor (or hardwood) can be a downright chilling experience. An area rug can take the chill away because it insulates. If you add a pad underneath it will even insulate more. If you have floor installed on a concrete surface, like in a basement, you will be happy to have that increased warmth.

Create Cozy Spaces.

An area rug can anchor furniture in a room and create that cozy, intimate space. It helps shape the space and pulls it all together. Also, if you subscribe to feng shui, you can sense that the area rug helps slow down the energy in the room which reduces excitability and anxiety. The space becomes more calming with an area rug in place. Calm and cozy…

You need one.

Now you know there are many advantages beyond appearance. However, if you just want your home to look and feel great. The style you add with an area rug will be totally worth it.