Soft and quiet…

Soft, Quiet Comfort

With the love of carpet seeming to be on the downtrend, you may wonder if carpet holds any advantages over other floor types. Carpet does have many benefits. You may find quite a few reasons why carpet may be the best choice for your home. Based on the carpet you choose, you may find it luxurious and elegant or casual and comfy.

Hardwood,tile and concrete are hard. If you spend time standing or walking on hard surfaces your feet and legs will get tired. There is no flexibility. Your feet and legs become the shock absorbers. In addition, carpet, with a nice pad underneath, is great to touch, walk on, sit on and lay on. Carpet acts as a sound absorber too. Kids, pets, running up and down the halls can be noisy. Sound carries much further without carpet. Carpet creates a quieter space.

Safe and Forgiving

Hard surfaces can also be slippery and they hurt when you slip and fall on them. Carpet provides a soft landing surface. So carpet on stairs or in a baby’s room may be a great idea.