What Type of Floor is Best For You?

The pros and cons of every floor

Every floor has pluses and minuses. What will be best for your specific situation?

Here are a few of the questions you should ask yourself.

  1. Why? Why are you getting a new floor? Is it because you are selling your home and want to give it better curb appeal. Did you just buy the home and it doesn’t match your style? Are you just wanting to change it up a bit or give your home more style? Will the floor be for a rental or is it your special get away at Tahoe? Are you tired of the old carpet and want hardwood or tile? Let’s start with your why.
  2. Budget – What is in your budget? If you are on a budget then laminate or carpet may be you best bet. Hardwood, either engineered or solid tend to be a bit more expensive.
  3. Location – Where is the floor being installed? How will the selected flooring hold up in these areas? Will the flooring be in high traffic or where it could get wet? You should take that into consideration.
  4. Maintenance – How do you feel about maintaining your floor? Nearly any floor will last for years, even decades if properly maintained. How much maintenance is up to you. The floor manufacturer will have a set of instructions for you.

Looks and Feel – Are you more practical? Or, is style more important. Modern techniques have made it possible to get the look and feel you are looking for from just about every floor option. You be the judge on what will be the best for you.