Hardwood: Looks great, rugged and brings value to your home

Great looking way to add value

Adds value to your home

When I bought my first house it had outdated and worn green carpet. All the rage, I guess, in the 60s. Since hardwood floors were the code back then and carpet was an upgrade feature, I found that I could just rip the carpet off and beautiful floors were revealed. No such luck anymore, however, for a great way to upgrade your home, you can still rip that old floor out and install new.

If you are lucky enough to find hardwood under the carpet a great solution would be to simply re-finish the old floor. The hardwood may be old, but it could have many years of life left in it. Refinishing the floor can often be done at quite a savings with a few drawbacks. Don’t forget that your new finish will need about 72 hours to cure before you move that furniture back in. You may want to plan more time out of your home for the finish to harden fully.

Installing new hardwood flooring is much faster and is a stylish choice for most homeowners. There are so many textures, colors, patterns and species of wood to choose from, it can often be confusing. We can help.

On the plus side, it is warm and fairly easy to maintain. Based on its current popularity, hardwood flooring is likely to increase the value of your home making it one of your best flooring options.