Jessica B.
I decided to try this place because I walked past and saw a dog bowl outside, and thought it was a very good sign :-) My living room was in need of help...  The floors are ok, but we have dogs and that was a big consideration.  What should I do with the current, scratched wood flooring?  The guy there was really nice and knew his stuff.  He actually showed me some cool tile flooring that looked a LOT like hardwood, but was practically scratchless. I never knew such beautiful looking-feeling, dog proof floors existed. In the end I opted to cover the area with high quality carpet made of  thick wool that will wear well and can be cleaned easily if needed.  Elegant Flooring was great and helped me a lot in making my decision in choice of the materials, delivery, etc. Both in the technical aspects of the flooring and the design/personal considerations.  I really appreciated their service and the time they spent with me.